THEY.: Outliers


Author Malcolm Gladwell defines an outlier as “a person who is seen as ‘markedly different’ from everyone else, either in terms of extraordinary talent, success, or both.” Los Angeles duo their full-length introduction ‘Nü Religion: HYENA’ with a voiceover that describes them as “outliers in the natural order” who have come together from opposite ends of America and found common ground in “their brash defiance of any and all classification."

The pair first established themselves in 2015 with their Timbaland co-signed ‘Nü Religion’ EP and particularly the single ‘Motley Crew’, in a lane of R&B that’s viewed through the lens of Indie-Rock, with guitar-infused production and a grungy aesthetic. Their music sits on the right side of cool, but without alienating pop ambitions, and has had them touring the world with the likes of Bryson Tiller, Jeremih and PARTYNEXTDOOR.

“From the beginning, we’ve always viewed ourselves as lone wolves,” admits singer Drew Love, as he soaks in the a breathtaking view of Kensington from their label office’s gigantic glass windows. “Being on the outside and always doing our own thing is something we’ve been able to come together and bring into a musical perspective to make music that’s completely different." 

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