Rae Sremmurd: Pop’s Most Ractchet

📸 by Michael Mayren  

📸 by Michael Mayren  

Rae Sremmurd have been in the room for less than five minutes, and already they’ve thrust the energy levels far beyond anything a full crate of Red Bull could’ve managed. It was all neo soul and tea-sipping just a moment ago; Clash team members and creative personnel just lounging around the studio’s plush couches scrolling their phones. But now, two hours after the Tupelo, Mississippi, brothers were originally scheduled to arrive, we’re all full steam ahead.

Khalif “Swae Lee” Brown, the gold-dreadlocked younger brother, is firmly focused on filling his empty stomach. As tour DJ, Jon Wells, highjacks the aux cord and begins to rattle the whole building with a soundtrack of the latest southern rap, Swae sinks in amongst the rest of Rae Sremmurd’s team - managers, assistants and label people - to dig into the food that was ordered ahead of his arrival.

In the meantime, Aaquil “Slim Jxmmi” Brown has skipped lunch and is already pulling clothes from the racks. Oblivious to our stylist’s plans, he drags a huge fur coat over his boyish frame, kicking off his sneakers and pulling on a pair of elaborate cowboy boots, before tap dancing around on their Cuban heels. “I’m a really good dresser,” he promises - Team Sremmurd express their surprise at his choices, which they thought would be better suited to his brother. Nonetheless, Jxmmi continues to navigate the selection, reserving items for later in the shoot. Swae polishes off his food and strolls over to see what he’s been left with, triple-checking that the coats are faux-fur, before agreeing to drape one over his own shoulders.

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