President T: “A great mic man weren’t built in a day.”


It’s a Monday afternoon in January, and at the back of Camden’s Guanabana restaurant, a bunch of college girls are passing photos of their crushes back and forth on their iPhones. On another table sits a family who are celebrating a birthday. Other than these two parties the restaurant is quiet, but there is one more customer that stands out.

Sat in the corner, by a window, is a gentleman sporting a dark pair of sunglasses, a thick woollen beanie and a fur collared jacket. There’s an air of success around him; he’s not dripping in jewellery, he doesn’t look like he’s just stepped out of a Hype Williams video, but it’s clear enough that something about this man is special.

When we shake hands with him he’s very courteous, thanking us for coming down to meet him. There’s a hint of unfamiliarity in the situation he’s faced with. He takes a few seconds pause before formulating his responses. His tongue sinks into the corner of his mouth in concentration, before leaning in like an athlete at a press conference, answering directly and clearly into the dictaphone on the table.

The man behind the glasses is President T, a true original in his art, and self-proclaimed “greatest to ever touch down”. A North London veteran who remains as cutting edge as ever, Prez is sitting down with us today to discuss his brand new album T On The Wing. The LP was unleashed on the world just two days before Christmas, without the usual promotions fan-fare that precedes a release of this nature.

In his words he’s “over the moon” about the response, and admits that late nights spent in the studio since October have been worth it. T On The Wing is injected full of the energy that he felt was missing from 2015’s Greatest To Ever Touch Down. He explains that the latter, despite its tempo, was more of a rap album; an effortless reminder of his greatness. Yet with T On The Wing he’s confident that he’s produced the “perfect product” to deliver his fans…

What do you want listeners to take away from T On The Wing?

The main message is that some things might happen to you in life, which put you back. Sometimes you’ve got to take those two steps back to take one step forward. That’s the message. No matter what you go through – you can go to prison, feel like you haven’t got a future – keep your mind straight. Anything’s possible. That’s the message.

What was it that taught you to keep your mind straight and stay on that route?

My spells with the law. My troubles with the law and just going through different obstacles in life. Losing friends, making new ones. Knowing the importance of family, no matter what you’re doing. Without your family, all you’re left with is you and your shadow. That’s what taught me.

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