Facing The Music With Post Malone


The streetwear clad kids clinging to the wall of Electric Brixton, are abuzz with excitement. As they trail along the perimeter of Lambeth Town Hall and invade Acre Lane it’s still three hours until Post Malone will take the stage, but - despite their Instagram-primed attire - this crowd isn’t too cool to show out early.

Backstage, cramped around a narrow wooden staircase straight out of Diagon Alley, there is a celebratory feeling, as 21-year-old Malone, real name Austin Post, parties with a bunch of his London peers including British export Danny Seth and last minute support act TE dness. Label personnel, venue operatives and photographers push back and forth, and Post greets them all warmly, making it difficult to distinguish whether they’re life long friends or people he just met at soundcheck.

When the time comes for the Dallas singer to be whisked away from his gathering, into a quiet room for our interview, he’s particularly gracious about it. Grinning from ear-to-ear he introduces himself and takes a seat on a vintage leather sofa, a nice match for the comfortable moccasin slippers he’s currently sporting. There’s no hint at any irritation after having to leave the festivities. On the contrary, he seems eager to talk about the debut album, ‘Stoney’, that he dropped just days prior.

In the short time since its release he’s witnessed a Marmite-like reaction from listeners, which he seems to have taken as a compliment. “I feel like it’s pretty polarising,” he says, still smiling. “Everybody either says ‘You know what? this is a really good album.’ Or ‘This sucks!!!’ But I’ve seen more people that seem to like it. It feels good.”

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