Julie Adenuga: The Voice Of London

📸 by Vicky Grout

📸 by Vicky Grout

It’s been two years since Julie Adenuga first went live to over 100 countries. The multi-faceted career of Beats 1’s ‘Voice of London’ spans everything from web design to youth mentoring, but radio has always found its way to the surface.

The 28-year-old Tottenham native first discovered her passion when she was offered a chance to trial for a presenting role on Rinse FM in her early-20s. Never one to back away from an opportunity, she gave it a shot, and quickly progressed from weekly appearances to the daily drive time slot. It was there that Julie would find her voice; an enthusiastic, effortless and familiar presence that listeners welcome into their lives like an old friend.

“Out of everything I do, radio just feels the most natural,” she says, despite having never really been a radio listener herself, other than when her older brothers, Skepta and Jme, would leave her at home as a kid to tape their radio freestyles. Rather than allowing disc jockeys to tell her what to listen to, she’d spend her younger years creating her own eclectic compilations, which would include everything from her brothers’ favourite 2Pac songs to Spice Girls deep cuts.

“I wouldn’t have whole albums,” she admits of her sometimes-obscure taste. “I’d just have one song that I really liked, like ‘Everything Fades Away’ by Mariah Carey on ‘Music Box’, which is like a deluxe version of the album. I think my love for radio just came out of enjoying it.”

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